Our Communities

Community Initiatives

At the crack of dawn our sales teams venture out to shops and parlours nestled within the deepest communities in the region. But our commitment to the communities that we serve, go far beyond ensuring our products are available.

Our social responsibility initiatives are done directly through our operating companies, as well as through partnerships with NGOs.Our initiatives support educational programmes, community activities, donations to homes and orphanages and food drives to underprivileged communities.


YMCA is the oldest and largest youth organization in the world and operates in over 125 countries. YMCA in Trinidad & Tobago has been operating since 1964 .Bermudez is proud to partner with this organization in their mission to develop healthy, caring responsible individuals who will contribute positively to their communities. YMCA facilitates community outreach programmes, youth leadership training, child care and after school activities.

United Way

United Way is a worldwide movement of nearly 4,000 community-based United Ways in 46 countries and territories. UWTT is a non-profit organisation which raises charitable donations from companies and individuals, and channels these funds to the NGOs which deliver critical social services to citizens in need. Bermudez has partnered with United Way in their venture for the upholding the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all

ALTA -Adult Literacy Tutors Association

ALTA is a institute formed in 1994 that focuses on improvement in adult literacy in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean, through the development of a programme relevant to the needs of adult learners in the 21st century .Bermudez has joined the literacy fight by partnering with ALTA in their efforts to reduce and eradicate illiteracy in our communities.

St. Vincent De Paul – Cyril Ross Nursery

Society of St. Vincent De Paul Cyril Ross Nursery for HIV/AIDS infected Children was inducted in 1994. Bermudez has joined with the Cyril Ross Nursery to provide a place where HIV & AIDS infected children can spend their days with dignity.

Alimentos Bermúdez installs pipeline to provide drinkable water in a community in Sarapiquí.Kiss Baking Company donates musical instruments to primary school  in their community.   Jambisco shares gifts at the Mustard Seed Children’s Home.


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