Bermudez Biscuit Co.

The Bermudez Family came to Trinidad from Venezuela at the turn of the century and became involved in manufacturing of Water Crackers in 1923.The start-up operation was located at Park Street in Port of Spain. Most of the production was manual, using ovens built of bricks and fuelled by firewood. Water Crackers at the time were packed by hand into wooden barrels and later on in steel drums. These said drums became ‘instrumental’ in the innovation of the steel pan.

In the 1930’s, the Company began distributing its products throughout the island directly to shops - a practice which still exists today. The company’s commitment to direct mass distribution ensures that its brands are available in every corner shop and parlour and its salespeople are like family in the communities they serve in.

Today the company exports to 11 countries. Far from its humble beginnings, cookies and crackers are made in a highly modern, automated facility. Four generations later, Crix, Dixee and Wheat Crisps are household names that are spoken off the lips of Caribbean People, wherever they are.


Ingrid Lloyd

Managing Director, Bermudez Biscuit Company

"CONSUMER ORIENTED. We are focused on delivering products that meet our consumer needs. We are committed to continuously improving our processes to manufacture quality cookies and crackers at an affordable price that we can be proud of."